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Wow, so incredibly exiting

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Hello people who are still actually reading my blog!
Damn, its been such a long time since i have added a post to this thing. Now that uni is done for the year, i dont really have a hell of a lot to do so i mite actually be able to update regularly. That depends on how well i can crank up mum and dads dinosaur of a pc of course... macs are soo much better!
The last month or so have been fairly eventful. It all started with a car crash... yep, my first (and hopefully only) accident! Some lady ran up the back of me while i was giving way at a round about, and caused $3000 of structual damage to the back of my car, and gave me serious whiplash! Don't worry, its all good now, atleast i didnt have to pay for it- wasnt my fault!
Two weeks after that I broke up with my boyfriend of two-years, of course in the middle of assesment time- i had four assignments worth about 50% each due... needless to say, i didn't really have time to be sad and havn't been yet, which is a little strange i guess... ah well, im happier now than i have been in a long time!
I also got really blindly drunk at uni when we had final fling. It was on a wednesday and the previous friday i had bought myself a new mobile fone... a sony-ericsson with polyfonic ringtones etc etc... anyway, i managed to drop it in my bloody drink! plop, into the cup it goes! I was hysterical and had to be taken home by about 11pm. And as far as i know, its still rooted. Thats only some of the badluck... the good news is i've moved back to mum and dads in vic for the holidays, and am catchin up wif all my old buddies, and i got myself a gorgeous kitten. He's a mischevious little tonkinese (siamese/burmese cross) who can be evil at times, but makes me very happy. Hes asleep on my knee right now... awww.
The main thing i wanted to say tho was check out my websites and tell me what you think PLZ. Heres the link to my normal website AND make sure to check out my flash website while you're there!!! Its a brand-newie... havnt even got marks back for it yet.


Friday, September 03, 2004

I have my own website!

Last semesters multimedia assignment was this blog right, but this semester I'm creating an online portfolio featuring the work I've done at uni over the past 1.5 years (and the things I've done in my own time!). Check it out!

Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Hello, if people still visit this blog! Its been a long time, but u gotta cut me some slack! At the moment I am on my first official week of uni holidays, and am slowly recovering from the hectic term we just had... yikes. I was so run down from it all that I got sick- i spent the last couple of weeks lying on the couch trying to get better coz i had/ have glandula fever. That was in between my exam and doing a HUGE assignment. But enough whinging for now.
At the moment i am in my home town- yep, i'm in wang and have been slowly catchin up with my old wang buddies. Its sad how much we lost contact, but when we actually get to see each other it hardly feels like we've been apart. Sniff.
In my last entry I wrote bout gettin a new puda- finally i got it, its an emac wif a dvd burner! Yay. Cept i bought it home to do work on it while i was sick, and one of my sisters cats pissed on it...i was SOOOO mad, but it appears to be working alrite! Yuck, dirty rotten bastard. (my sister wanted me to let ppl know she didn't appreciate that by the way!)
Its my bday in about a month! YAY! Im gonna be 20. I feel so old...

Monday, May 24, 2004

La Di Dah Dah

Its me. Im getting a new puda this week! Hooray. My little old imac decided to officially kark it. I know i wrote about this already, but this is an update. I took it in to get repaired and it was going to cost me more to repair it than it was worth! No thanx. So as it was killed by a powersurge (?!) that means its covered by insurance. One new computer coming up! Hopefully. Its a nice new emac like we have at uni. 17" screen, 80 gig harddrive, dvd burner. Sounds good.
Damn Im so tired, I dont know why! Just sitting in front of the computer has made me zonk out.
Got my dress to wear to my cousins deb on the weekend. Just a nice black one that i can wear again, like if i ever actually get to go to the races!
Im supposed to be doing home work but i cant get any ideas, as i am putting myself to sleep. Wish hotmail worked on these pudas coz catchin up with people would be good.
Ekk, theres a random ant running around on my keys while im trying to type! sooner or later its either going to run up my finger or get squished! run little ant, run!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

This Sux

ARGH! My damn computer has decided it has a problem. I only have an assignmnet due on Friday, then the following friday and the monday after that. Plus a few more. I was going to get a small problem with the old operating system fixed during the next holidays when i wouldnt need the computer. But no, the screen decided to go CRACK and die, and the thing wont start. Great. Now Im gonna have to do all my work out here.

Monday, May 10, 2004


Whoa, this new blogger is kinda cool- thought I'd come to the wrong site for a second! Can only be brief today, have to research Beer (yes, Beer) for an assignment due on Friday, and i wanna get outta this place b4 it gets dark, coz its kinda creepy walking down the hill by yourself!
Not sure what type of beer i'll do yet, probably VB- even though its my least fave EVER. Cascade is good, but I think it'll be easier to find out marketing stuff on the old Vic Bitter.
I just saw that I've finally been accepted into a webring- one on tropical fish that I applied for ages ago. How cool! I thought they were going to reject me. Should apply for others, too!
Anyway, haven't been doing a whole lot- just going to class, working, doing homework and trying to find time in between to fit in some rest! Thats what i did this arvo- I just finished watching Kill Bill (volume 1). It wasnt as gory as I expected. There seemed to be a theme of blood spurting out of people like a waterfall. It happened so many times, yuk! The actual cinematography was pretty darn awesome tho.
I actually went out on satdy night- Jacinta and bus boy rocked up bout 8.30pm when I was falling asleep on the couch (which usually happens when i have a 5am start) and made me get all dressed up! I wasn't going to but I didnt have much say! Anyway, i actaully had a really great time. (thanx guys). Cept my boyfriend didnt wanna come. Grrr. Hopefully going out again this week- got free passes into one of the good night clubs.
Anyway, to my cousin Kim- if you read this, what the f***'s going on with your deb? Hope im still invited coz I've seen this awesome black dress i wanna get to wear to it! Email me dammit :P
Ok, so much for beng 'brief', im outta here. Peace out.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Im Back!

Well, back at uni this week so that means i mite actually get a chance to write in this thing!
Waiting for class to start... i think im actually suposed to be doing a task but ah well, teacher not here yet! Hmmm. Well, i spent nearly the entire holidays working... 4 days per week, which left me with 3 days a week to do homework, and me being such a procrastinator- lets just say im a bit behind. However, more shifts means more money, and I was able to purchase an awesome washing machine on the weekend at a harvey norman sale. Yay. Its one of those sensor ones or something.
My aim for the holidays was to spend time at home wif my family and friends, coz i really miss em- i think i got one spare day to spend in Wang. ONE BLOOMIN DAY. Im so pissed. (I dont have to censor this thing anymore now that its been assesed. Happy wif da mark i got too!).
Camping over easter was the best- i love it! Came back so relaxed and in a different frame of mind. Lost that new insight now already tho!!! Whinge whinge whinge, I know i know. On a positive note, I had my first celeb come through work! Dont think i should name names, but lets just say he used to be on an australian hospital tv show on channel seven. I probably just gave it away. Ah well. It was pretty cool. Mum reckons hes really great and she was soo jealous!! HE he heeee!
Anyway, Im outta here now! cheers. I'll try and keep this updated regularly (as according to my counter, ppl are still visiting this site! wicked) but dont expect half as many links!


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G'day, my name's Nikki, and this is my blog! I'm a second year Graphic design student from Australia, and this blog is part of an assignment for a multimedia subject I have. Read and enjoy the daily dramas of my exiting life (?!)

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